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Sharing the Magic of Broadway Music

The Harlequin Singers in rehearsal led by director Michael Pin

The Harlequin Singers have been bringing our Broadway love to the Hamilton community and surrounding areas since 1967! It is because of our patrons, family and friends that we can continue to do what we love and share with all of you.

The global pandemic has been difficult for everyone. We have been working together online and outdoors, safely, to try to keep tradition going. As part of our season this year, we have managed to get our voices out there in new ways in the hopes of spreading some joy through the community.

As we continue to strive to share the love of music during these difficult times, your donation would help us with sustaining our establishment and help to keep us running. Your donation is so greatly appreciated and will aid us in our endeavors to give back to the community we have been so lucky to be a part of all these years.

Any contribution is welcome — Thank you very much for your continued support!